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Beatrix Kiddo

After seeing (and thoroughly enjoying) Inglourious Basterds, I decided to revisit Kill Bill, my all-time favorite Tarantino movie. And then I decided to draw the Bride, only not make her look anything like Uma Thurman. It's still not quite finished, but I did add a few temporary supplements to make it presentable.

I also really wanted to draw O-Ren in her DiVAS gear from the church flashback. We'll see how I'm feeling when and if I finish Beatrix here.
me drawing


 I recently finished playing Final Fantasy IX for the first time (it came out in... 2000? I'm pretty late to the party). I really wish I had played it sooner, because the world and characters and story are just so incredibly fun and bursting with personality and charm. One of my favorites in particular is Freya, whom I have sketched here before you.

Man I love the character designs. I intend to color this eventually, and maybe even continue and do Steiner and Vivi. And maybe Beatrix!
me drawing

For Hannah

 I guess my friend Hannah saw the caricatures of my friends at SCAD on Facebook and wanted in on the action. Hannah is just about the sweetest person I know, so I made sure her picture was going to give everyone who saw it diabetes.

me drawing

(no subject)

I continue to try to teach myself to paint. My current strategy is "throw colors everywhere frantically and hope for the best". If any part of her face looks odd (and I know it does) it's because I drew it in like two minutes for the sole purpose of using it as a chromatic guinea pig, so I wasn't too concerned about accuracy or proportions. I may mess with this one some more tomorrow. 
me drawing

This is the only post you'll see where I whine about how much I suck

Started with a doodle of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and messed around painting it. Turned out better than I expected, but I honestly can't paint hair worth a damn.

I was never very confident in my ability to use color so I haven't seriously put any effort into a painting since like 2004. I intend to change that soon, though. Honestly, the whole point of maintaining this blog is to push myself and catch up to all of the awesome artists I've met/been shamed by at SCAD. I should have been practicing all the time and learning up on new techniques all throughout high school but instead I let what little talent I had rot in a corner. I'm so lazy grrrr